12 July 2011

Digital Crack

I don't drink.
Well, except for the occasional margarita and glass of wine.
But I only like pink wine that tastes like kool aid.
And I mix it with Sprite and pour it over ice.
So I'm not sure that counts.

I don't smoke.
 Never have.
I tried once, in my 20's.
But, at the risk of sounding like Bill Clinton,
I never inhaled.

I don't gamble.
If you gave me twenty bucks to put in a one armed bandit,
I'd sneak it into my pocket
and save it until I found a candle, or a book
or a cheap pair of flip flops to spend it on.

But this might present a problem. I think I could very easily become addicted.

See, a couple months ago, I noticed a lot of traffic coming to this blog from something called Pinterest.

So I took the bait and checked it out.  Turns out someone pinned a photo of my closet to their board, and a simple shot of my boot collection began travelling around the internet.

Well how 'bout them apples?
I didn't think much more about it.

Then a few weeks ago, someone pinned one of my bedroom photos.
And I got sucked in for good.

Pinning is so much easier than taking the time to write an entire blog post about why I like something, where I found it, or what I want to do with it.  You just swipe, add a note, and go! Pinterest takes care of the rest for you.  And everyone else is busy doing the same thing, so there's no expectation of lots of comments.  Pinning takes much less time than traditional blogging. And it's so satisfying to see that beautiful, ever growing creation, always at the ready.

You can tell a lot about a person by their pinterest boards.  For instance, mine says that I hate to cook, since I only have two pins on the Food board and one of those is for chocolate cake so that's not really cooking anyway.

 Once you get the Pin It button added to your favorites bar, it's hard to stop hoarding every last morsel of inspiration from every last corner of the world wide web.  Trust me on this.

For whatever reason, you can't just start a Pinterest page.  You must be INVITED, daaahhling.
You can request an invitation from Pinterest, which is what I did, but most likely you will get an e-mail that says something like, "Thank you for requesting an invitation from Pinterest.  We'll add your name to the waiting list and send that as soon as possible!"

Whaaatt???!!  Pfffft.

But it actually only took about a week.
Orrrrr, if you know someone who already pins, they can invite you, and you're in like Flynn immediately.

And guess what?  I have five invites.  If you want one, send me an e-mail (billytee67at.gmail.dot.com) and you too can be a pinning fool. See that Pinterest icon over there on the sidebar?  That's me. You are welcome to nose around and swipe any old thing your little heart desires.


All the cool kids are doing it.


  1. Ah, I would have invited you had I known!! I'm addicted to Pinterest, too! Ha! I just followed you.
    I also like a margarita once in awhile ~ a midori margarita with very little tequila(I'm a lightweight). I also like pink wine with Sprite in it! LOL!

  2. Well, I have just been getting into Pinterest & following a few... BUT I did not know how to pin things I had seen on the web... "add a pin it button to your favorites" I just did that... : )
    Thanks for the solution to my quandary...

  3. Tee,
    I've been pinning like a madwoman but haven't followed anybody. This is a new development! LOL!

  4. I know I will become addicted to it....and I don't drink/smoke, either. An occasional glass of vino, but I usually only drink about 1/3 of it!!!!

    I'm so glad you're posting again. I always miss it when you're absent!!!!!

    I hope we meet in person when I come back to the States!!!!!!!!


  5. Yep, it's definitely an addiction, but such a fun one! I only started a few weeks ago but have amassed a lot of boards and pins. I'm using it a lot to plan out decorating for my new home -- at least that's how I justified starting it in the first place!

  6. I haven't checked it out yet & I'm trying not to because I CAN'T BE SUCKED INTO ANOTHER THING!!!! BTW, I'm with you on the $20 & buying flip flops......

  7. Okay, you have convinced me. I have resisted long enough. I'm about to email you. : )

  8. Checked out your Pinterest board... love your images!!!


  9. I just signed up the other day and got the "You're on the waiting list" message. I'll send you an email. :-)

  10. I am addicted too and there is even a blog party called
    How Pinteresting!

    My gray couch is posted-
    the color is soooo hard.

    I am off to see your boards-
    you might like some things on mine.

    Crazy Laura

  11. Okaaaaay....I'm in! I'll send you an e-mail too! lol All I need is ONE more thing to sneak a look at while I am at work!!!

    I think you and I have been absent this summer...busy busy! Glad you see you back!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  12. I totally agree! I'm pretty new to Pinterest but it is DANGEROUS!!! Thank you for your nice comment on my fall mantel. Happy Tuesday!

  13. I was just checking in on you as you have been MIA for a while...maybe you are busy pinning :)

    Hope you are well!

    Lou Cinda

  14. Had to come over after the fabulous comment you left on Rhoda's Southern Hospitality site about my home tour. So glad to find you and follow along! I agree about the Pinterest addiction - although I prefer doing it with glass of wine in hand (oh no, two vices)!


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