07 February 2013


Well now, how to explain an absence of more than one year without sounding melodramatic, whiny and self-centered?  I think I shall not even try.

I should at least acknowledge the obvious - I never did get the hang of that Wordpress blog I'm still paying for, and good ol' blogspot is like a favorite old sweater -  not the most fashionable but so comfy, and I can put it on with eyes closed.  So here we are.

We sold our beloved house last summer to a cardiologist who was downsizing from a 15,000 square foot manse on the other side of town.  (I am not kidding. It is still called downsizing when one squishes all their meager possessions into a measly 5,500 square feet...right? )  Life goes on.

For now we are renting a place about a half hour from the old house. It's way out in the boondocks, but there is a fireplace in the bedroom (highly recommended!), a pool, and a gorgeous view of the small lake it sits on.  The sunrises and sunsets are magnificent out here!

The house itself is a whole 'nother story. So in order to preserve my sanity in this 1992 gem, complete with creaking floors, brass chandeliers, swag wallpaper borders, faux painted walls, and a gazillion nail holes, my modus operandi since last summer has been to streamline and simplify as much as possible. By this I mean my family is afraid they'll soon be sleeping on the floor and sharing one tin cup, a plastic spork, and a pair of communal socks . There have been so many Goodwill and Second Chance Boutique runs, I've lost count.  I don't even ask for a receipt any more because our friend the tax man would never believe one person could donate that much stuff in one year. 

The consignment store people came to pick up a load too - it took over an hour to catalog and load it all up. You could hardly tell there was anything missing when they left.  And me, Craig, and his infamous list are on a first name basis these days. Sigh.

{Tangent:  Why do so many weird people hang out on Craigslist these days?}

While deep in the throes of decluttering everything in arm's reach, I stumbled on the Slow Your Home 2013 in 2013 Challenge and have decided to attempt to sneak another mass of stuff out without B and the boys getting their collective knickers in a knot. Here's just a partial list of the junk I can remember which went bye bye this month:

1 Samsung washer/dryer set
1 pear lamp shade
1 silver side table with a corroded top
1 large poster in a frame B and I bought the first year we were married
3 pairs of blue jeans
3 pairs of shoes
Half a dozen or so books
1 stack of plastic cd cases
1 pink glass sugar/creamer set missing its lid
2 red glass vases
1 man's yellow suede shirt jacket
4 mens shirts
3 ratty mens T-shirts which I've been trying to get Big T to part with for I can't remember how long (straight to the trash can, with much fanfare on my part)
2 almost empty plastic bottles of cosmetic remover
Old Christmas wrapping paper
1 Christmas tree stand
2 photo frames

Now, can somebody explain to me WHY we still owned these things, and WHY we moved them?AGAIN?!

This could get interesting.


  1. So glad to see you are back! Blogging sometimes gets in the way of life, doesn't it?
    My youngest graduates from high school in June and we are readying our house to sell as we speak. We have been here 13 years so there are so many memories but I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
    It is good to declutter. It leaves room for God to walk through.:)

  2. Glad you're back!! I can't believe you sold your gorgeous house!!!

  3. It's really nice to see you back, Tee! I guess we are all capable of doing what we have to do when circumstances demand it. Your home was truly gorgeous, but there is a lot of stress that goes along with all that "grandness," and you sound happier I think. Hope so, anyway!


  4. Hi, Tee! I have been out of the blogger loop, too. Just a minute ago I saw on Pinterest that someone repinned a picture of your bedroom that I had pinned a long time ago. So, of course, I had to re-visit your blog... and so happy to see your recent post. I think things around your "1992 architectural gem" of a house sound very interesting. :) Decluttering can be an oppressive task. Personally, the feeling of catharsis when unloading things I don't want/need (which usually I have kept way too long) is exhilirating. I hope you keep posting about you, your family and all the other things.... you have such wit and style.


  5. I thought about doing the Slow Your Home challenge too. I didn't formally join, but did a mass purge last month. It felt oh so good!

  6. Terri! I miss you. Mark and I were talking this weekend about how we need to go and eat Mexican one night. I'd love to.........

  7. This made me laugh! Love the "communal socks" idea ;) Laundry would be a breeze!

  8. *marco*

    Signed, Your old friendly blog acquaintance oka Cottage Child. Wut up, buttercup?


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